Spending the day with Callum

sand 1Out on the water is where I feel closest to Callum.

This afternoon I spent paddling along the Ottawa River where my tears could drop into the river water and drift away.

Then I made this on the sand.

sand 1b

This is how I am expressing my grief this year. No less deep, no less love for my Callum.

I found this beautifully written expression of a parent’s loss today. If you want to know where my heart and soul are, this is it.


I hope everyone will take a minute today on his 19th birthday to think about Callum and remember him.

keppoch 2011

Love you Call-Call!

xo Momsand 2



2 thoughts on “Spending the day with Callum

  1. Hi Nancy, just read this now. Just wanted you to know Joe and I think of callum often. I read the link you sent and cried while read it. I wish you weren’t going through this. Thinking of you today
    Angela s

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